Member Objectives

    1. A member will abide by the Association's Code of Professional Ethics.

    2. A member will take an active part in ALA through participation in chapter, regional, and/or international activities.

    3. Through continuing education and other activities, a member should enhance his/her skills as a professional manager and as a responsible leader within the employer organization. Members are encouraged to communicate to the appropriate leaders topics or issues which will benefit them and enhance their ability to perform their job responsibilities.

    4. A member should share his/her knowledge and expertise with other ALA members through volunteer efforts and activities.

    5. A member should support the governance policies which outline the roles between and among ALA, its regions, its chapters, and its members.

    6. When acting for or on behalf of a chapter, region or the Association, a member should do so in a responsible manner by utilizing appropriate due diligence and/or following appropriate and necessary bylaws, rules, standards and guidelines of the Association.

    7. A member should make every effort to advance the profession of legal management and to help the Association of Legal Administrators increase its stature within the legal community.